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  • 1000 W electric motor
  • Push feed
  • 32 cm cutting width
  • 25 l bag
  • Collection function
€50.00 €70.00
  • Ergoflex System. Ergonomically designed and adjustable handles for better posture and reduces muscle strain when mowing.
  • 1400-watt PowerDrive motor ensures a reliable cut, even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Folding handles for compact storage
  • Innovative grass combs Cut close to the edge of walls, flower beds and lawns.
  • Separate extension cable required, not included.
€150.00 €327.00
  • Der Rasenmäher Rotak 43 - Optimal für große Flächen dank der 43 cm Schnittbreite
  • Geeignet für randnahes Schneiden an Mauern, Beeten und Rasenkanten durch verlängerten Rasenkamm
  • Keine Nacharbeit notwendig: Der Rasenmäher erfasst durch innovative Luftstromtechnologie und Leaf-Collect-Funktion sämtliches Schnittgut sowie Herbstlaub
  • Beeindruckende Schnittleistung auch bei schwierigen Bedingungen durch gehärtetes Stahlmesser
  • Lieferumfang: Rotak 43, Grasfangbox 50 l, Karton (3165140661812)
€180.00 €245.00
  • Brand Bosch Home and Garden
    Power Source Elektrisch (kabelgebunden)
    Item Dimensions L x W x H 45 x 74 x 49 centimetres
    Weight 13.5 Kilograms
  • The universal garden tools from Bosch – flexible and powerful with intelligent solutions for a variety of projects.
  • Easy to adjust the cutting height: the grass length can be easily adjusted at the touch of a button in six levels between 25 and 70 mm.
  • Comfortable working: healthy working posture for any body size thanks to ergonomic ErgoFlex handles.
  • Easy to store: simply fold the handles, fold the grass bag and place it on the lawn mower.
  • Collect and chop leaves: with the LeafCollect blade, leaves are easily picked, chopped and disposed of
€120.00 €200.00
  • Der Akku Rasenmäher Rotak 430 LI - mit 43 cm Schnittbreite besonders für große Rasenflächen geeignet
  • Der Akkurasenmäher sorgt für einen idealer Schnitt entlang von Mauern, Beeten und Rasenkanten dank verlängertem Rasenkamm und gehärtetem Stahlmesser
  • Mit dem Rotak 430 LI wird das Sammlen von Herbstlaub und Blättern leicht gemacht dank der Blättersammmel-Funktion mit Messer
  • Mühelose 6-stufige Verstellung der Rasenschnitthöhe mit Stellhebel: 20 - 70 mm
  • Lieferumfang: Rotak 430 LI, 2x Akkus (2,0 Ah), Ladegerät, 50 l Grasfangkorb, Karton (3165140895460)
€450.00 €630.00
  • Wireless freedom for large areas and hidden nooks in the garden.
  • Lightweight, easy to use and perfect ergonomics thanks to the height-adjustable guiding rail.
  • Universal power x-change system battery for numerous tool and garden tools.
  • Lawn-friendly high-wheels and 6-fold central cutting height adjustment.
  • Space-saving storage with quick-release fasteners.
€220.00 €372.00
  • The Lawnmower features one Brushless Electric Motor powered, mechanical wear eliminates dadurch. Flat up to 150 square metre manages it with ease.
  • The 3 way centre Axial cut height easily adjustable from 30 mm to 70 mm provides variable adjustment possibilities to grass cuttings. The battery-powered Lawnmower offers 30 cm cutting width.
  • The high-quality plastic casing it also density Bewüchse and wild. The large wheels not only surface irregularities of, you give even precise work close to the grass rim.
  • The folding guide rail offers a space saving storage. With the handle integrated der easy to battery-powered Lawnmower easy portability.
  • Power X-Change: a battery for all. All batteries of the system can be used in all power X-Change devices, can be used this charger adapter for all battery to the range.
€220.00 €300.00
  • Einhell RASARRO Cordless Lawnmower (2 x 4.0 Ah) Lithium Ion 36 V 38 cm Cutting Width 6 Step Central Cutting Height Adjustment Includes 2x 4.0 Ah Power X-Change Batteries + Twincharger, Mulch Wedge)

  • The Einhell RASARRO cordless lawn mower works powerfully and wirelessly through the green, in every corner of the garden. The RASARRO is recommended for lawns up to 450 m², powered by two powerful Power X-Change 4.0 Ah batteries.
  • The matching Power X-Change batteries for the operation of the RASARRO are included in the delivery. The high quality lithium-ion Power X-Change batteries can be used in all Einhell devices in the innovative system series.
  • With the Einhell Power X-Twincharger, the batteries are charged in no time. The Power X-Change System fast charger is included. The level indicator shows the available energy reserves with three LEDs at any time.
  • Thanks to "Brushless Energy" - with brushless electric motor, the cordless mower works powerfully and without mechanical motor wear, through the domestic green. The grass catcher with a capacity of 45 litres has a level indicator.
  • The 6-step central cutting height setting from 25 to 75 mm can be adjusted to individual design requirements, with a cutting width of 38 cm. The lawn comb even allows mowing close to the edge.
  • The Highwheeler is equipped with lawn-friendly large-area wheels. The ergonomically shaped grip area ensures effortless work. Integrated handle for easy transport. One mulch blade is included in the delivery.
  • The telescopic, height-adjustable guide bar can be individually adjusted to the user. The bar is foldable for convenient storage of the lawnmower. Constructed in aluminium, the handle is light yet sturdy.
€270.00 €400.00

Einhell electric lawn mower GC-EM 1536 (1,500W, 36 cm cutting width, 38L collecting box, 25-65mm cutting height, foldable guide bar, light and robust)

  • Powerful carbon power motor with high torque
  • 5-stage central cutting height adjustment and the lawn-protecting, large-area wheels ensure ideal results
  • Easy work due to low weight and height-adjustable guide bar
  • 38l catch box with level indicator
  • recommended for lawns up to 600 m²
€106.00 €180.00
  • Voltage: 220-240V AC
  •     Frequency: 50Hz
  •     Maximum Amperage: 13A
  •     Max Wattage:3000W
  •     RCD Trip Current:10mA
  •     RCD Trip Seed:<40ms
  •     IP Rating : IP66
€32.00 €58.00


Milteliniu būdu dažytas metalas

Išmatavimai: 7x4x20cm 

Juoda spalva

Užrakto diametras 250mm

€21.00 €34.00

Lawnmower features:

  • 1200 watt electric rotary motor.
  • Metal blade.
  • 32cm blade width.
  • 5 cutting heights.
  • Cutting heights ranging from 2cm-6cm.
  • 30L grass collection capacity.
  • Height adjustable handle.
  • 12m power cable.
  • Safety switch.
  • Rear roller.
€68.00 €84.00