• Vandens filtras dušo galvai
  • Vandens filtras dušo galvai
  • Vandens filtras dušo galvai
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  • ★【Improve skin hair and nails】: Our unique first class systematic 15-stage sediment filters, KDF 55, calcium sulphates, active carbon and ceramic balls, provide maximum water drain to neutralise odours, balance your pH value and infuse benefits in your skin, nail and hair from the first time it is switched on. And it is perfect for children and babies' sensitive skin.
  • ★【Consistent water pressure】: Our high-performance inline water filter improves rinsing time without changing the existing water pressure. Acts like moisturiser, cleanser, softener and best body wash for sensitive skin. This will also help to remove rust and iron.
  • ★【Hard & Soft Water Filter】: Our shower head filter removes chlorine, mildew, chloramine and softens well water by filtering up to 99.9% lead, calcium, nickel, rust iron, heavy metals and sediments.
  • ★【Can be easily replaced】: Just turn it on and start the shower without leaking problems. Box contents: 1 x 15 level shower filter, 2 x replacement filters, 1 x Teflon band, 2 x silicone seals.
  • ★【Save your money】 : Filter for shower head comes with 2 cartridges and must be replaced every 4-6 months. Just one pence per day for the shower head filter, you can reduce the shampoo and shower time. Chlorine filter allows you to save expensive hair and skin care products.
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